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I’m so numb right now…please pray for my dad…

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Google+ Hangout With Les Twins! {x}

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Wise Words  :::  Google+ Hangout With Les Twins! {x}

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LT In Houston


For those who don’t know, this is Diamond. This is a really long, excessive LT post so I’m posting on my other blog because I’m judging myself for it.

This was a 2 day LT weekend, soooo I’m gonna start from Friday.

At the last minute (Literally almost a day before the actual show) I found out that I was going to the OTR show with Ushi. Who btw, if you didn’t know, is the real MVP! If you don’t know this girl, what are you doing with your life…?

Anyway, when I was on my way to Ushi’s house, I get a call from my friend Taylor (The girl who Larry called his beautiful Black queen. Lmbo smh) telling me that she was already at the venue by the tour buses and Lau had just sped past her on a skateboard. Here’s how our convo went:

“Lau just passed me!”


“He was on a skateboard!”

Of course he was… Sigh. Was he taking pictures?

“No, he said he was running late. He turned a few people down bu—OMG I SEE LARRY! OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!”

What?! Wher—


*laughing* Taylor! Where do you see him?? Is he taking pictures??

“He’s on a golf cart! Oop. He has some light skinned girl sitting on his lap with his hands around her waist…”

OOP. Weeellll theeennn… Just go see you if you can get the picture!


Get off the phone and get the picture!


*2 minutes later*



“I walked up to him and asked for a picture, but he said he couldn’t because he was already running late. So before he left I said I’d see him at the workshop tomorrow and said, ‘yes! I remember you from last time’ *screams* That’s bae. That’s bae.”


*Fast forward to the actually show*

Let me tell you something. Larry Nicholas Bourgeois was out for BLOOD that night, okay?? He left me feeling victimized. The stunts he was pulling? Sigh. At one point he pulled his twists into a ponytail and my legs almost gave out. Lau? His spins are already holy and sanctified and filled with the spirit, but subtract a shirt and add a looong sheer flowy pullover and somehow the blood of Jesus is added. Whooo.

If Ushi posts her videos, you might hear me getting my life in the background…

*fast forward to Saturday*

Y’ALL. THEY ACTUALLY SHOWED UP ON TIME. Shawn did his thing. Cuz maaaaaan…

I was once again on Larry’s side. I was feeling some type of way about being a Larry girl now, but at some point I spent a few minutes on Lau’s side later on.

Warm up went as usual, but I found it HILARIOUS that as soon as Smells Like Teen Spirit came on there was a collective groan from the participants as well as the observers. Everybody knew the deal. Lol

Lau had on the dangly earring. It was the first time I saw it in person and it was then that I realized that I am here for it. Dangly earring ftw!

Oh, in the beginning when they were picking the music, Larry had a song in mind and thought that many of us had probably heard it before. But then Lau said, “What? No. They don’t know good music.” Before I knew it, my body released a sharp, loud, “PSH.” Then Lau looked around saying, “Who said ‘PSH.’?!”  Then my body betrayed me AGAIN and released another one. Lol smh Then everybody started looking in my direction. One of the girls I was with turned and asked if that was me. “Yep.” It happened, own it. Then Lau said, “Shaaawwwwn, they’re getting too comfortable!” lol smh

When he first came in, Larry said, “There’s a lot of babies in here…” and then later in the workshop, “You bring baby so I can talk you! I see what you do… You win.” Toward the end of the workshop he came over to where me and the girls I was with were sitting, and said, “I tell you secret. One day, we have workshop where it’s free when you bring a baby.” Larry is hip to our stunts and he is welcoming them with open arms. I told yall I shoulda brought a baby… Lol

While Larry was teaching his choreo, there were A LOT of times where the dancers got stuck on a certain move. But a random girl actually got one of them. So Larry pointed her out, “See, she not even a dancer and she get it! …I’m not saying you not a dancer, you just don’t look like one.” THIS MAN. I don’t think he even realizes that he’s a shady queen. Lol smh

At one point Larry went to get his bucket hat, started smiling and literally said, “My hat. It has powers.” Sooo all yall who aint here for the bucket hat better get on the bus cuz apparently it intensifies the beast mode.

Okay, so ummmmm, you know the part in Double Booking when they kissed the ladies feet? I thiiiiink they may have a thing for feet. One of the girls I was with took her slides off during the workshop. But during one of the many times that Larry walked past us, he randomly bent down and wiggled one of her toes. …….. ……… ….. Hm. Imma leave it there.

Larry put his hair up in ponytail. I’ll let that marinate.

Like I said, Larry’s group was having a little trouble with their energy and getting the moves and Larry was getting frustrated. He was literally disciplining them like they were his kids. He made them repeat moves over and over til they got it right. Or if I dancer wasn’t paying attention he would stop what he was doing, walk up to them and say, “What did I just say??” If that ain’t Black parent 101…

At some point I smelled something really good. Like a baby powdery… borderline fruity, flowery… BEAUTIFUL smell.  And I started looking around trying to figure out where it was coming from. Eventually I gave up. Then like a minute later Ushi says, “You smell Larry?” He was across the room but was standing in front of the fan that was blowing in our direction. I still can’t believe that smell was coming from him. He smelled wonderful, ya’ll. It was soft, but still masculine. Sigh. On the other hand, many of us have realized that after a while, Lau starts to smell like what he’s been doing, which is dancing for hoours. And there is nothing wrong with that. But the shade isss, when Lau was standing in front of the fan, Ushi goes, “Now do you smell Lau…?” lol don’t do boo like that!

So like I said, at some point I walked over to Lau’s side since the lack of seating on his side always leads to me never sitting there. He is SO passionate when he teaches. Some may consider it mean. No. This man cares about what you do with his moves. He doesn’t want you half assing it. He doesn’t want you trying make to them cute. He cares. Sigh.

He was telling his group how they need to dance from the heart. So he went to a couple of dancers and poked them in the chest for emphasis. As soon as he touched one girl, her body automatically reacted. Lol She stiffened up and her eyes bulged, while he continued his speech completely unaware of the affect his touch had on that girl. Lmbo

Lau was playing with one of the many toddlers that were there (-_-) and after he got a hug he whispered to the little boy, “Go hug my brother” and pointed Larry out. The little boy instantly ran into Larry’s arms. *cries*

Somebody got the twins leather jersey style shirts with their names on it. They were FRESH. I’m not gonna lie, I wanted one… Lau automatically put it on along with the other accessories he got as gifts. These men are literally the type to buy something new and wear it for 5 days straight… But we knew that.

And okay, it was hot as Satan’s ballsack in there, but can we talk about the fact that Lau constantly complained about the heat while wearing a Black sweater? Negro. Do you know where you are? YOU ARE IN TEXAS. Like Drake said, “Like HTown in the summertime I keep it 100.” HE WAS SERIOUS. And Lau had the nerve to come in with that thick tour bomber jacket. I can’t. Every time he complained about the heat, I wanted to say, “well you could always take your shirt off…”  But I think I had enough outbursts for the day.

During the freestyle, there were so many things plugged in, that music went out a couple times. Me and the girls I was with happened to be standing by the music. Lau came to see what happened and said, “See, you all too hot you made the music go out.” We all let out a bunch of mmhhms, you rights, and we knows and he started high fiving us. Lol

Now, like I said, I expected to go into that workshop with my full fledge Larry girlness. But Lau obviously wasn’t having it. His facial was grown out, he was wearing all Black, his swag was on a hundred thousand trillion, he was being his fabulous self, and it looks like his hair is starting to grow back. Like if he would have came with that open dubai shirt, I just would have known he did it for me. And yall, Lau is a grown man. Yea Larry’s a man, but Lau is a GROWN MAN. His presence just screams grown ass man. I knew the time would come where I would have to make my decision. So you know at the end of the workshop where they end up splitting up and trying to pack up there stuff? Well I was at an LT fork in the road. Larry surrounded by people to my left and Lau surrounded by people to my right. I knew I had one chance for interaction. My body made it’s decision and headed to Lau. At that point I knew I was always a Lau girl. Sigh. He was flanked by people. Now that I think about it, I don’t even know how I got through. Smh Once he got out of the Jaws of Life he turned around and ended up right in front of me. I put on my most innocent smile, put up a finger and said, “One more, pleeeaaassse?” He reached out his hand like he wanted to high five me, but I shook my head, gave the puppy dog eyes and said, “Nooooo, one more hug, pleeeaaasse” he smiled and said ok and hugged me like… Oh, that hug was great. Lol I hugged him once before, but it was rushed and he didn’t put any feeling into it. =/ But this time made up for it. That hug made me want to do things that wouldn’t have been appropriate considering all the toddlers that were there. O_O

A lot of other stuff happened that didn’t include the twins, but this recap is O.D. long and ain’t nobody got time for that so I left it out.

But according to Laurent, they’ll be back in Houston before the year is over. So until next time, cuz I need my picture. And I need to actually attempt to get a hug from Larry at some point….

Diamond, you’re everything. I loved every bit of this.

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The realest quote from the movie The Purge: Anarchy - “Change only comes when their (rich, white people) blood spills.”

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Thought this was Larry for 2.5 seconds

Lol me too

^^ I got really excited.

Mannnn…don’t y’all do this to me. It’s 5:19 in the a.m., I still haven’t been to sleep, and I’m not thinking clearly. I was about to lose my shit….that’s still a very nice man back, tho… =\






Thought this was Larry for 2.5 seconds

Lol me too

^^ I got really excited.

Mannnn…don’t y’all do this to me. It’s 5:19 in the a.m., I still haven’t been to sleep, and I’m not thinking clearly. I was about to lose my shit….that’s still a very nice man back, tho… =\

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This is the full convo I had to tell him goodnight he was stressing me out


Yah ruthless!!!! LMFAOOO

Lmaoo I tried to be nice *shrugs* but I still don’t know why he called me a fake ass bitch [will address that shit later on]

lol. Nah, girl. “Nice” would have gone right out the window with me at that “fake ass bitch” comment. You did good, young grasshopper.

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I still haven’t found that fuckin’ spider, bruh…

…now it’s time for me to get dressed for the gym. Watch me end up like a zombie halfway through this workout…

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This is the full convo I had to tell him goodnight he was stressing me out


Yah ruthless!!!! LMFAOOO

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Google+ Hangout With Les Twins! {x}

Needed this on my blog again

Same .

Which one of y’all are letting the devil use you this evening by bringing this back?

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I think Lau is slowly easing into a fade and Larry is slowly easing into dreads.


I said the same thing, though….

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African barbie dolls

I wish I had these when I was younger


I have that first/last one!

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